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MOJOQUEEN- Psychic Readings by Belladonna


For now please goto my Etsy Shop:


I am an Accurate Psychic with over 25 years of experience !!!


And yes...I do live in Salem !!!


I specialize in:  Past, Present and Future, Channeling, Runes, Seances and Dream Interpretations


All you have to do is click on the


to pay...

I do not charge by the minute because I set my prices according to peoples needs .  If I have to run over the purchased reading time to finish I will free of charge. 


Please check out all pages for Reading Prices and Specials!

They are all over the site !!!

Positive Energy to All !!!




you are listening to my personal friend, the FABULOUS Kristina Perez singing "Chaotic !"


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Producer:  M.A.D.E. (Musical Artist Development Enterprise)

Music and lyrics written by:  Kristina Perez and Susan Witzel






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